Why use a professional trainer?
Intelligent dogs need extra mental stimulation or
they will find things to do (usually unacceptable
to us humans).  Training and tricks are great for
this.    Fifteen minutes of training is as tiring to a
dog as an hour of physical exercise!

Similar to leadership, training our dogs can be
counter-intuitive too.   For example, other than
house training, nothing frustrates us more than a
dog that wont come when called.  If you are trying
to catch a dog that is not coming to you, your
natural impulse (after you have repeated the
command several times in a loud, angry voice) is
to run after the dog .  
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Our Philosophy
Resist this impulse! Why? You have just
rewarded the dog for running off!  

You come upon a soiled carpet ...again   Resist
the impulse to scold your pup (scold yourself
instead because you left pup unsupervised)!   
rump will cause him to distrust you and will will
resist doing his business in front of you

Let me help you understand how your dog
thinks and help you learn to motivate your dog
to succeed.
My Bichon/Poodle mix, Dodger has been described by my vet as a wimpy
dog with an attitude. It has turned out to be true. Gina has trained Dodger
with patience, firmness and rewards (both verbal and treats). As further
testimony to Gina's abilities, she has trained my 6 year old niece, neighbor
and neighbor's children on how to handle Dodger. She is able to watch the
interactions between dog and human and then tailor the training to benefit
each. Gina is able to deal with a wide variety of ages and personality of
dog and human and I would recommend her without hesitation!

JoAnn Rodger
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