Depending on the length of stay your
dogs training can include walking on a
loose leash, sit, down, keep off, sit to
greet, wait, stay, leave it, quiet, go to
your rug, come here, touch,  fetch and
out, and fun tricks like spin and shake.
Two to four week programs are
available. Five to ten day options for
those with previous training who need
a refresher or who just need to work
on a few behaviors.  

You will receive progress reports and
private coaching sessions for a smooth
transition to your home.  You will also
have unlimited phone and email
support if questions arise. I want you
and your dog to be successful, after
all, you are a team!
Board & Train
when she was excited.  She also would jump on us while we sat in our chairs watching TV at night
and she was nippy and mouthy to the point of nearly biting our hands and arms.  She thought she
was playful, we thought it was painful.

After "doggy boot camp" at Gina's, she came home as "One Good Dog". She no longer jumped on
anyone, she obeyed several commands such as "sit", "stay", "wait", "come" and best of all "off" and
"right here" (which has to do with taking a walk and having a nice loose leash rather than the
previous pulling and yanking us down the street).

We would recommend that anyone who wants to have a dog that everyone can enjoy being around,
hire Gina.  --Lorna Willard
Programs & Costs
Length of training program is customized to your individual training goals.  Length of stay may vary
depending on your dog’s age, prior training, and training level desired or behavior modification
members.  Want your dog home on the weekend?  Great!  Ask about Work Week Training Camp.

Board & Train $800 for 7 Days of Intensive Training
Quick Start program is 14 days of training
One dog , fourteen days  $1,600.  
Two dogs living in same household, fourteen days $2,400.  

We can work on a few key behaviors.  Coaching sessions with you  your dog will be scheduled
smooth transition.  If we are working on aggression or anxiety, 3 or 4 week programs may be
required.  As with any training program, lasting results depends on your continued and consistent
training at home.  Space is limited so; reserve your dog’s spot early.  I can offer a discount for two
or more dogs from the same home in training together.
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