Board and Train:  Camp Good Dog
This is a training "boot camp" for your dog.  Training is full time and
concentrated in a home environment.  If you are planning a trip or
would like an expedient training experience this may be your best

What is unique about Camp Good Dog is that your dog lives in my
home, just like a member of the family - not in a kennel.  This reduces
stress which helps with learning!  Also the dog learns well rounded
training. Its not all work though.  Cuddles and play time with each dog
every day.  Your dog receives training in a real life environment. Along
with lots of training, your dog will benefit from dog socialization, daily
walks and hikes, and field trips in the community to work around
various distractions.
                                                                              Call 425-652-7046  
Board & Train
Gina wants people to have a great relationship with their animals and if
she can help that relationship along she will do anything for you. I feel
blessed to have her helping me and my family be successful pet owners of
animals who have manners and are lovely to be around due to her
training. You will not be disappointed with her professionalism and her
loving yet firm touch with you and your animal.

- Michelle S., Renton