Gina established a great rapport with our entire family and three poodles.
We all enjoyed her visits to our home and the effective dog obedience
methods she taught us. Gina is fun, extremely patient, always positive and
very skilled at working with adults, kids and dogs. One of our poodles fell
in love with her, and stood by the gate and cried every time she left! We
would give Gina the highest recommendation!
          -The Crockett family
Fast Track Day Training:  

Just want foundation skills for your dog or puppy? Fast Track Day Training includes four
sessions a week for two weeks with two lessons for the family.  The lessons for the family
are important for training maintenance and will be scheduled to follow one of the dogs
training sessions per week.   Your dog will learn Keep Off (no jumping), not pulling on a
leash, wait at doors and for food bowl, and Touch (come to a hand target) and other
behaviors that are important to you!   Professional training in your home!

$720 - $900

Call 425-652-7046
Day Training
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