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Camp Good Dog!

This is typically 20 day training camp for your dog. Training is full time and concentrated in a caring environment with great results.  If you would like an expedient training experience this may be your best option.  What is unique about Camp Good Dog is that your dog trains both in and outside our home and around the community as well as trails. Your pup gets to experience a variety of training environments which helps facilitate learning!  Also your dog learns well rounded training under varied circumstances with a lot of real life distractions. One on one professional training plus socialization with each dog every day. This is full emersion.  Along with lots of training, your dog will benefit from dog socialization, daily walks and hikes, and field trips in the community to work around various distractions.  You will receive periodic updates of your dogs progress with photos.

Contact us to schedule a behavior consultation and explore your canine's potential.

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