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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are for those who prefer to be coached on how to train their dog themselves.  For puppies eight weeks old to adult dogs of any age customized for your dogs needs.


For Puppies:  Instructions on house and crate training, nutrition and safe chew toys. Developing social skills with dogs and people. Learning self control.  How to manage and redirect undesirable behaviors like mouthing and nipping.  Games that teach obedience and help prevent problem behaviors before they ever start such as sharing instead of resource guarding.  How to puppy proof your home and more. 


Beyond Puppyhood:  Good manners and obedience skills for older puppies and adult dogs.  Coaching owners how to show leadership to gain their dogs respect and increase bond.  Positive reinforcement and fair consequences for behavior modification. Teaching dogs to walk on a loose leash, lay down, stay, and come around distractions as well as to not jump up on guests and control excess barking.  We can also help you with your dog's reactivity, fears, separation anxiety, and other behavior problems.



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