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Q: Can I schedule a shorter Board & Train?

For a dog we have not trained before, to get the most out of Boot Camp, a trainer needs to have the dog for at least two weeks.  Most trainers board and train programs are longer (3-6 weeks) but I have been able to work really hard with a dog and getsatisfactory results in two weeks then show the owners how to maintain the training and take it further.  relationship and get beyond the very basics (such as focus, motivation, respect as a leader).  Also, dogs do not "generalize"easily like humans do and need to build up over time to be able to perform new behaviors around distractions, at a distance, withduration.  Come is a great example of this.   Your dog may come reliably in your home, maybe even in your yard but if a dog comes intosight (or a cat, squirrel, person) all bets are off and the dog says "in a minute, I am very busy", they may not even appear to hearyou. They may obey one person but not anyone else.  So, one week may get you.....sit, down, off some of the time, wait, comesome of the time, loose leash walking when there are no distractions.  Even two weeks is pushing it for many dogs.For dogs trained by us who need a refresher or further training, sometimes one week is enough.

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