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Board & Train

Your dog's training can include walking on a loose leash, keep off, sit, down, greeting people calmly, wait, stay, leave it, quiet, come, touch, Go to your Place, socialization and behavior problem solving and more.

For best results, we recommend the 20-21 day program.

You will receive progress reports and private coaching sessions for a smooth transition to your
home.  You will also have phone and email support if questions arise. I want you and your dog to be successful, after all, you are a team!

Once we are confident that your dog knows his new role, we hand the leash over to you and teach
you how to be an equal partner in your dog’s education.

Follow up coaching sessions for you are recommended and included.  Behavior that is not reinforced will diminish over time.  So keep practicing and reinforcing manners and obedience.

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How Does it Work?

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