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How it Works

When we meet with you and your dog(a) for the first time, we will briefly look over the intake form and discuss your training goals for your dog(s). Then I will observe and work with your dog(s) and make recommendations.  We may make suggestions regarding management, exercise, nutrition, leadership, training tools or equipment and of course manners and obedience.  If you are having behavioral issues they will be addressed. 


We may work inside the home and yard and then work down the street, trail, or at a park as sessions progress. Then you and your family learn how to take over. Working with your dog consistently between sessions will speed up the results. Sessions generally run one hour. Sessions may be longer for multiple dogs in the household. Fear and reactive behaviors will take additional sessions.  We are training you as much or more than your dog(s).   We want you to feel confident, comfortable and hopeful about your dogs' potential and progress.


The time invested training and working with your dog will pay dividends for a life time.

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