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I would recommend Gina Johnson of One Good Dog Professional Training to anyone having any issue whatsoever with their canine.  Whether that dog is a pup or well into adulthood.  I am the proud owner of Tobi, a 6 year old Belgian Tervuren.  Anyone familiar with the breed knows that they are highly intelligent, have a high prey drive and endless energy, need a job, and are very creative at finding things to do that may not necessarily be pleasing to you.  Simply put,
they can be a challenging breed.  Gina worked with us beginning in our own home and advancing to working out on the trail and in the park.  Most times I worked with her, but she did work with him independently as well. She is patient, clear, consistent and most importantly, her techniques work!  Tobi just adores her, which is a plus and a good indication that her methods are canine approved. Tobi has done incredibly well since our initial work with Gina.  In fact, I have not had to take him to any additional obedience classes since.  Thank you, Gina!

- Sharon Rose Miller, Maple Valley, WA

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