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About Children

We love children!  For children under ten, it is generally more fruitful for them to observe and let the adults teach dog new skills.  Later, when the dog understands the new behavior, the children can be taught by trainer or parent how to ask for and reinforce learned behaviors.   


I have found that young children’s attention spans are pretty short for training so, don’t expect too much and give your child positive reinforcement!

I also like to teach children how to stay safe around unfamiliar dogs and even their own.  Children's erratic movements can startle dogs and hugging dogs is overwhelming and scary to them.  

We can help children learn to be gentle and calm to protect them and the dogs in their life.

Management and supervision are crucial to keep children and dogs safe.

Some people like to have their first session without young children in attendance (under eight) so they and their pup can listen and work without distractions.

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