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Day Training

Certified professional dog trainer trains your dog while you are at work or going about your daily routine!  This is similar to Boot Camp as your dog spends weekdays with us but in Day Training, he goes home for evenings and weekends.  This training is customized to your training goals for your dog.  This is a very convenient option for busy professionals and busy families.  We do most of the work for you and then teach you how to take over effectively!

This is a GREAT way to see fast improvements on key behaviors.  Also, your dog gets to play, socialize, and goes home each evening dog tired and happy!  At the end of the day training program, you get to see a demonstration of what your dog has learned AND coaching on how to maintain the new manners and obedience.  We will also answer your questions and provide you with things to continue working on and helpful written information, photos and video clips.

Available with Doggie Days NW
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