We are passionate about training dogs and people.  We specialize in small and medium sized puppies and dogs. We love training toy breeds too! Purebreds as well as mixed breeds can learn to be well-mannered and obedient.  It is so important that small dogs don't just get yanked around or carried due to fearfulness, reactivity or a lack of training.  We believe learning should be a fun and positive experience for both dogs and their owners.  Dogs really want to please us!  Come see how quickly and conveniently our professional training and coaching options can transform your beloved canine into one good dog!  We will encourage you and your pups progress.


We offer a variety of training options for busy professionals and families including behavior consultations, in-home private lessons, and one-on-one coaching, for socialization, training, manners, and behavior modification. Training that is simple and effective.  We are located in Black Diamond, Washington near to Maple Valley, Kent, Covington, Auburn, Enumclaw, and Ravensdale. We serve local individuals and families with in-home private lessons and behavioral consultations. Got behavior problems or need puppy manners? We can help!  When you are ready to schedule a consultation, click on Contact. Filling out the brief form helps us serve you faster and better!

Gina Johnson, CPDT-KA, Owner and Certified Behavioral Trainer

One Good Dog Professional Dog Training, LLC

“Come Home to One Good Dog!”

Customized Dog Training in Black Diamond

"Thanks for checking on us. Henri [French Bulldog] is doing really well!  He is so much better on leash, it makes our daily walks super fun and not frustrating anymore.  His reaction to his prior "triggers" has diminished greatly.  As you know, he used to freak out around skate boards and motorcycles, but now he just walks right past them- it's amazing.  His demeanor is much more calm and relaxed.  We are continuing to work with him daily on commands to reinforce what he has learned at Camp Good Dog."     Katie Gray, Seattle

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