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Add-On Services

The following is a list of menu items that you can add to your Day Care Services.  Why not get the most out of your dog's time with us?  When you schedule your appointment, you can choose the behaviors you would like to address below, and we will train while your dog is with us. 


  • "Keep off" - teach your dog to keep "off", not jump up on people  $15.00


  • "Leave it" - teach dog to ignore or move away from something  $15.00


  • "Quiet" - Quit barking on command $15.00


  • "Sit" and "Down" -- even when distracted and maintain until released $15.00


  • Loose leash walking - teach your dog to walk with you, stay close, not pull! $15.00

  • "Touch!" - a fun and positive way to teach your dog to come to you. $15.00


  • "Wait" at doors - keep your dog safe - train to not bolt through doors $15.00

  • "Stay" -  Park it on an elevated bed or pad until released $15.00

  • Something else! Let us know when you drop off pup what behavior $15.00


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